Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage In James Island

Do not wait to contact our skilled specialists at SERVPRO if your James Island property has experienced a water damage incident. Our water damage specialists ar... READ MORE

Fire Damage In James Island

Contact our skilled professionals right after a fire has damaged your James Island home. Our fire damage specialists are ready 24/7 to assist you with your dile... READ MORE

Charleston Business Center Suffers Storm Damage

The sudden storm punched a hole in the roof and soaked the drop-down ceiling tiles with a large amount of water. The weight left hanging debris, which was hazar... READ MORE

Charleston Laundry Room and Water and Mold Damage

The Before Photo shows that the leaking water from the sink supply line has soaked into the linoleum flooring by the wall area. This Charleston home suffered mo... READ MORE

Expectations after Storm Flooding

Damage to Building Flooding in a building causes problems for both the owners and the clients. Here are some things you can do to speed up the storm cleaning pr... READ MORE

Food Case Cleaning

With a coffee chain coming to a local retail store location. We were called out to have our great cleaning team come and make sure the storefront was in tip top... READ MORE

Construction Cleanup for Commercial Retailer

Construction cleanup is one service that is increasingly being called upon for our franchise for commercial spaces and companies coming into our growing communi... READ MORE

Gravity Plays its Part

A roof leak is a definite common denominator for some of our storm damage jobs. And of course where there is something on top, there will always be somewhere fo... READ MORE

Containing and Discontinuing the Colors

A water loss is no joke and no fun, but to have a water loss in the middle of winter, makes the situation feel worse for the customer. Our customers called us f... READ MORE

Soft & Fuzzy

This is a daylight basement & lower level of a home that had been renovated quite a few years ago to be used to a veterinary clinic. When the clinic closed ... READ MORE