Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fireplace Mishap caused Fire Damage to Inside of House

Fire safety is top priority, but sometimes accidents happen that are out of our control. And when those accidents do happen and some fire damage occurs, our tra... READ MORE

Fireplace Accident

There was a mishap with a fireplace for one of our residential customers. If you think that the fire itself is a lot of deal with, you are forgetting about some... READ MORE

Smoke Damage Headboard

What might seem like a lost cause, can turn out to be no problem for SERVPRO of South and West Charleston. This headboard has definitely seen better days but kn... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Hallway

Pictured here is a hallway of classrooms that has been through some fire damage. The fire started due to an electrical issue in the office area. Despite the fir... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Chest

This smoke damaged chest was built by the customer and had great value to them and was involved in a fire. SERVPRO of South and West Charleston was able to rest... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Kitchen

Fire damage in this kitchen left considerable smoke damage in its path. While this is par for the course when it comes to kitchen fires, it is not typical for t... READ MORE