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Cleanup Expectation After a Sewage Backup

11/3/2020 (Permalink)

Overflowing broken toilet An overflowing broken toilet requires additional safety precautions before and during the cleanup process

Sewer Cleanup Process

If a sewer backup happens in your Rockville, SC, business, it leaves much more than a water mess behind. The sewer cleanup process is dirty, unsanitary work. Depending on the extent of damage, it may mean downtime, which can severely hurt the bottom line. Relying on a certified water damage and restoration company can ease the burden and get your business back up and running faster.

Thorough Assessment
From a recurring flooded toilet to obvious backup in the basement, sewage issues require additional safety precautions before and during the cleanup process. At the first sign of trouble, counted on a trusted professional Faster to Any Size Disaster to minimize damage and ensure the situation is properly handled. After making the call, a business owner can have the following cleanup expectations:

Inspection of Damage – A certified professional will inspect all affected areas, including hidden areas that could be affected and determine the best remediation plan.
Assessment of Belongings – Along with potential structural issues, any items, such as rugs or furniture, affected will be assessed. A professional is trained to salvage as much as possible, providing adding peace of mind.
PPE – Any sewage-related issues require safety gear, which the professionals have on-hand and ready to use.
Disposal of Damaged Items – While more can be salvaged than many may think, any items that can’t be cleaned will need to be thrown away.
Water Extraction and Drying – With an arsenal of industrial extraction and airflow equipment, standing water and humidity levels will quickly be targeted to minimize the spread of the damage.

Advanced Cleaning Solutions
Before restoration happens, the main element of sewer cleanup is the actual cleaning of the structure and belongings. Using advanced cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing techniques, all hard surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned, salvageable porous will be taken off-site for an array of cleaning methods, such as wet or immersive cleaning. Once the structure, items and the air itself are cleaned, the team will work on getting the property back to what it once was.
If faced with any type of sewage issues, count on the experts for the sewer cleanup.

Charleston Knows Hurricanes and Tropical Storms--and SERVPRO Knows Cleanup and Restoration

9/27/2020 (Permalink)

Large Loss Warehouse Recovery After Severe  Hurricane-Related Weather in Charleston

With Charleston being a central hub of activity for the entire state of South Carolina, not to mention a stable location for transport along the eastern seaboard, warehouses abound along ports and commercial districts surrounding the area. With hurricanes remaining a pressing threat, business owners operating these warehouses must work to provide real-time solutions for responding to severe weather events and the damage they can do. The faster that you can get professionals working to resolve the problem, the less damage these situations can have on the inventory of your facility.

Hurricane cleanup in Charleston warehouses is often one of the first steps that even our SERVPRO professionals take when we reach your facility. It is crucial to determine the extent of the damage and begin mitigation work to reduce the spread of water loss effects if they are present and begin addressing debris and residues that might require cleaning. This process even extends to some of these stored items in your building, as our content management team can dry and clean damaged inventory to help protect your business from excessive loss. We can also assist in restaging inventory to a drier location.
A staple of hurricanes and other powerful tropical storm systems is flying debris and intense winds. These effects can shatter windows, cripple structural elements, and leave the inside and outside of your warehouse looking worse for the wear. Our response team can arrive quickly, mobilizing along with your emergency call, so we can begin the practical mitigation efforts your business needs shortly after the storm dissipates. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.
Often it is overwhelming and stressful to see the destruction that hurricanes can have on your warehouse, but our SERVPRO professionals have the experience to help. From our pack-out process that removes at-risk inventory from harm’s way to our line of potent and powerful cleaning agents that can make flooring, walls, and other fixtures look their best, we can make loss incidents “Like it never even happened.”
In an area so prone to severe weather events, we have developed a storm response team that can make a difference quickly for affected area businesses. Give our SERVPRO of South & West Charleston team a call anytime disaster strikes at (843) 308-0178.

4 Ways to Prevent Storm Damage From Affecting Your Business

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

commercial building A local commercial building in South & West Charleston, SC

During a storm in South & West Charleston, water can have a significant impact on your building. Whether it is in the form of storm or flood damage, water can ruin building materials, damage belongings and contribute to the growth of mold. In order to keep this to a minimum, the following steps can be taken.

1. Seal Doors and Windows

If the area around your doors and windows is not sealing properly, then it will be easier for water to enter the building. Make sure that these are closing as they should be. You may also want to use sandbags at these openings. This can help keep flood water on the outside.

2. Move Objects to a Higher Floor

Because the water involved is highly contaminated, flood damage can be more severe than other types of damage. It can be difficult to clean furniture and other items that have absorbed this water. To prevent objects from being affected, you can move them to a higher floor that is less likely to experience flooding.

3. Back Up Important Files

Most businesses keep important information stored on their computers and other electronic devices. These can be damaged by water or electrical surges during a storm which can lead to loss of data. Use cloud storage or an external drive to make backups of files and keep your information safe.

4. Repair Present Damage

If your building has existing damage, it is more likely to be affected by storm damage. Perform a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior to locate any leaky or deteriorated areas. These should be repaired as soon as possible before any severe weather occurs.

Preparing your business for bad weather can help to reduce the amount of storm and flood damage that occurs. However, your building may still be affected. In this case, it is best to hire a professional cleanup and restoration service. Because they have training and access to necessary equipment, they will be able to make repairs quickly and safely.

How Can My Business Survive After a Water Loss?

4/10/2020 (Permalink)

outside view of office building We have the know how to restore your commercial property with minimal disruptions.

SERVPRO Joins with Our Business Partners in Charleston After Water Damage--We Are in This Together 

The elegance and vibrancy of our long-standing Charleston community depend on many different pieces coming together to create the Holy City visitors anticipate enjoying. A water loss does not need to dim the prospects of your business, especially if you are ready to call on our premier water damage restoration crews for assistance. 

Can My Historic Building Handle Significant Water Damage? 

Charleston commerce survived water cleanup efforts over centuries, so the answer to your concerns is nearly always a resounding affirmative. As long as you do not let water linger and call for professional assessment as soon as possible, modern water extraction and drying technologies offer outstanding results for your retail space, offices, restaurant, hotel, or attraction. Regardless of the source of the water emergency, consulting with our highly-trained team is vital as even relatively clean water from a supply leak is corrosive to structures and contents, and prone to increasing contamination as time passes. 

Can My Employees or Contractor Cleanup a Water Loss? 

Perhaps you hire and support a full-time housekeeping staff. Or you contract with a service dedicated to providing high-quality commercial cleaning services. Although the individuals providing day to day maintenance might excel at their craft, they have neither the training nor the equipment to track water migration and resolve the problems of trapped moisture in cavities or building materials. They also do not have the latest information from restoration best-practices research and development organizations like the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). 

What Makes a Water Damage Restoration Company Different? 

What can SERVPRO offer that other cleaning firms cannot? Our mission centers upon comprehensive water mitigation and remediation based on the evolving science of water removal and structural drying. Our managers and technicians stay up to date with cutting edge equipment and methods through IICRC certification coursework. Highly efficient and innovative water cleanup equipment make up the essential inventories on our service vehicles. We size our response to your business’s specific needs, scaling up the speed and intensity of our response to get you back to business fast. 

What Can I Expect from Water Cleanup Professionals? 

The last thing you need when managing a water disaster is a more disruptive cure than the problem. Our team is fully aware that you have clients and customers to serve, and we do everything to limit the displacement of your staff or business operations during water cleanup in Charleston. Some of the strategies we might use include: 

  • Setting up a contained work area to minimize the spread of debris and residues, and permit you to move your business forward in other spaces in your commercial building
  • Use high-efficiency water pumps and truck-mounted extractors to get rid of the water quickly and without using your utility system
  • Speeding up structural and contents drying by using smaller spaces wrapped with heavy-duty plastic, enhancing our ability to manipulate the balance of air movement, temperature, and humidity necessary for thorough moisture reduction
  • Pack-outs of critical records and documents for temporary storage and to avoid further damage, and to take advantage of advanced technologies like freeze-drying to restore your pictures and papers  

Is There a Way to Prepare for Possible Water Damage? 

We offer our commercial customers a comprehensive methodology for a range of business disasters, including water loss. Long before you face the stress of a pipe breaking or a roof leak, contact us to develop an Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP) with your local SERVPRO.

What is the Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP)?

The ERP is a collaborative process that results in a concise, digitally available document outlining how our crews can respond most efficiently and effectively if your business experiences a disaster. We complete a thorough assessment of your physical space, memorializing a blueprint of your business layout, and describing how you operate. If we note vulnerabilities likely to increase your loss during an emergency, we make recommendations that limit the potential negative consequences.

How Can You Help SERVPRO Assist Your Recovery?

Using our mobile app, you can add details to the ERP that further personalize the plan to your needs. 

  • Point out the location of utility shutoffs
  • Explain your priorities in the event of a disaster
  • Share the contact information for vendors and contractors that designed your systems and modified your space
  • Designate employees or other trusted individuals whom you permit to act as your agent if a water cleanup crisis occurs when you are unavailable to respond to avoid unfortunate delays 

SERVPRO of South & West Charleston appreciates the value of your business to our greater community. Let us help get the water out and your operations back on track with one call to (843) 823-7400.

When Flooding Threatens Nail Salons in Charleston

2/24/2020 (Permalink)

several bottles of nail polish Flood damage can cause your nail salon to close. SERVPRO can remediate the damage with minimal impact to your business..

Performing Commercial Flood Removal for Charleston Nail Salon 

In 2018, NFIP premiums rose 0.6 percent from 2017 numbers. The average coverage amount was approximately $257,000, while the average premium was $642. For businesses, however, the losses are bigger than the damages incurred by flooding: lost business can lead to even larger losses on top of the need for structural restoration. Fortunately, there is a team that is always ready to save the day.  

If your Charleston business requires commercial flood removal, the certified technicians at SERVPRO are always ready to assist you. We outfit SERVPRO techs with everything from safety gear and extraction equipment to drying apparatuses and deodorizers to keep your business clean, pleasant, and safe to work in once more. SERVPRO places emphasis on preserving structures so that business owners can save on costs and replacements wherever possible. 

What Does Commercial Flood Insurance Cover?

Typical commercial flood insurance coverage for business asset losses include: 

  • Structural materials, including walls, doors, floorboards, and other essential attachments. Cement or raised foundations, as well as internal and external stairways, are also covered. 
  • Utility infrastructure, which can include HVAC, electrical components, and plumbing.  
  • Any contents, appliances, and devices that you own and use for day-to-day operations.  
  • Some expenses, including costs for securing and moving items or mitigating damage, may also be covered, including buying sandbags.  

How SERVPRO Restores Your Business

If you own a nail salon that has a tile floor without waterproof finish, SERVPRO technicians can work quickly to disinfect the area with EPA-registered antimicrobials and extract moisture from your floors with back-mounted extractors and, if necessary, submersible pumps.  

Furniture with metal or plastic components, such as chairs and stools, can be restored with thorough disinfection and drying. Wood or wicker furniture may require more extensive work depending on the length of exposure to floodwaters, and disposal may be necessary for wood that has warped, cracked, or developed microbial growth. Still, we dispose of such items with the informed consent of property owners and insurance adjusters.  

SERVPRO of South & West Charleston serves the community by being Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (843) 823-7400 when you need disaster cleanup at any time of the day or night. 

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Commercial Water Removal In Charleston

1/10/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling For professional assistance when restoring your business's property after a disaster, call SERVPRO of South & West Charleston at (843) 823-7400.

During Commercial Water Removal Projects In Charleston, Various Drying Techniques Get Utilized

If the office of your business in Charleston is located on the lower level of a building with multiple floors, there is a chance that a pipe burst from a unit above yours could send moisture into your software company's office. Once moisture gets in the interior of your structure, commercial water removal should be conducted by a professional restoration contractor such as SERVPRO as soon as possible.

If moisture is left inside a building for too long, secondary issues related to increased humidity levels and mold growth could arise. During commercial water removal operations in Charleston, our SERVPRO technicians utilize several different procedures to prevent any type of secondary damage to your business's office. To begin, our crew uses heavy-duty extractors to remove any moisture while it is still a liquid. Then, we utilize other industrially-advanced pieces of equipment to conduct the applied structural drying or ASD phase.

During ASD procedures, our SERVPRO team works toward creating an environment that helps speed up the natural drying and evaporation processes. To do this correctly, we set up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers. The air movers create air circulation to speed up the evaporation of moisture from your office's wet contents and building materials. The dehumidifiers then pull water out from the air and dispense it in liquid form while supplying warm, dry air to be used by the air movers.

When implementing ASD, we know that the angle that air hits dry building materials like your walls makes a difference. If the air movers get placed so that the air gets pushed into your walls directly, then moisture can get pushed further into your building materials. However, when the air movers get placed so that the air coming from them hits walls at a 45-degree angle, the air pushes away wet air close to damp surfaces so that more water can evaporate from the affected items. We also often remove your baseboard and drill holes behind it so that air can get pushed into your wall cavities. When working with offices that have metal wall studs, we can drill more holes in case standing water has built up inside your wall cavities.

When restoring moisture-related damage, we can implement various drying techniques to get the job done in a timely matter. For professional assistance when restoring your business's property after a disaster, call SERVPRO of South & West Charleston at (843) 823-7400 any day of the week.

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We Will Remediate The Mold Infestation In Your Charleston Furniture Store

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

mold infestation growing on wall Give us a call anytime at (843) 308-0178.

Remediating Mold Growth in Your Charleston Furniture Store

As the proprietor of a furniture store, you have to always provide the most appealing displays of faux living room arrangements to catch the eye of Charleston homeowners shopping for new sets. Water loss incidents that go unproperly addressed can develop into microbial threats that spread throughout the various carpeted floors on your showroom, developing along the backing material, and presenting persistent moisture that can feed active mold spores in the vicinity.

Nearly every type of material used in furniture construction on display can become affected by mold damage in your Charleston business. As compromising as this situation can become, professional remediation can help to limit the destruction and loss within your business. If caught early enough, our SERVPRO team can also employ a few tactics for containment that prevents the migration of the organism to new areas and might keep your doors open throughout the remediation process.

From the time that our skilled professionals first arrive at your furniture store, we assess what pieces might not be affected and get them out of the area first. Drying and remediation are more productive with the establishment of a drying zone that contains the specific areas experiencing the concentration of microbial growth. This containment area allows our SERVPRO team to regulate airflow with negative air chambers and to eliminate cross-contamination of unaffected areas by sealing in the work zone. In a high-ceiling showroom, this can be a challenge. We can work quickly to minimize the treatment area.

Your stock is an important consideration when disasters like mold growth get discovered in your store. Because furniture is primarily wood and various fabrics, each unit is susceptible to the deteriorating properties of mold colonization. Direct exposure of your inventory can make it unable to get sold to customers, even at a discount, so our commitment that We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster is valuable.

Protecting your business and its contents from mold growth does not have to be overwhelming for property owners. You can rely on the fast response and qualified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) of our SERVPRO of South & West Charleston team. Give us a call anytime at (843) 308-0178.

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