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Getting to the Root of Mold

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on wall Black mold damage in Johns Islands, SC.

Where there is water, there is mold. Mold can grow in any climate, even in Johns Island, SC. If mold is found in your business, following the proper protocol for fungus cleanup is of utmost importance to the health and productivity of your employees.

How Did the Mold Start?

Mold is microscopic, ubiquitous and fast-growing. In fact, mold begins growing within 48 hours, and what is seen on the surface is only the beginning of an extensive root system. Knowing how it takes hold and begins growing on surfaces is a great place to start. Here is a list of conditions that promote the growth of mold:

  • Areas of high humidity without proper airflow
  • Rooms or buildings with poor insulation, leading to water condensation on surfaces
  • Undiscovered leaks inside walls

The Myth About Cleaning Chemicals

When mold is found, it is common for a business to reach for frequently used chemicals, such as bleach. The problem with this approach to fungus cleanup is that the solution is not effective on all surfaces. Porous material, where the fungus grows best, soaks up the water in the product, bringing more nutrients down to the root system. The active agents, however, sit on the surface and evaporate quickly, allowing the body of the mold to continue growing unseen.

Proper Eradication

Effective cleanup of mold requires a business to act quickly and aggressively by removing the source. This process relies on techniques and equipment that are specially designed to keep airborne spores from spreading. Rather than risking costly mistakes, a business is wise to look to professional fungus cleanup specialists for this service. Specialists in Johns Island, SC, have the needed supplies and equipment, as well as knowledge of the local area’s mold cleanup protocols. Additionally, these pros can identify issues that may arise in the future, saving a business time and money and getting to the root of the problem.

If you have mold growing in your business, don’t pull out the bleach just yet. It’s usually best to contact professionals to take care of the issue.

Candle Replacements To Keep Your Home Safe

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

Battery powered candle Electric candles are an alternative for candle replacement.

To Keep Your Home Safe, Use Candle Replacements

Candles of all types are sold every day around the world. In fact, it is estimated that more than a billion pounds of various waxes are used in the production of candles each year. With the wild popularity of tapers, tea lights, and pillar candles, it should be easy to track the which type is sold most often. However, it is difficult to say how many candles or what design, style, or size of the wax, scent-infusing varieties are sold because of the number of cottage industries that have sprung up all over the world as the popularity of wax light grew. Sadly, as people burn more of the aroma-producing products, the world is experiencing more candle fire episodes than ever before.

Quick and Easy Replacements

While it is easy to criticize the use of candles, it is often more difficult to think of replacements. Fire cleanup and restoration experts suggest preventing candle fire by trying the following if you are looking for soft lighting or a lovely scent when choosing to replace your candles.

  • Electric candles
  • Stand-alone air-fresheners
  • Fairy lights
  • Reed or electric diffusers
  • Perfume scented lightbulb
  • Hanging or clip-on lights
  • Electric wax or oil warmers

Another alternative to filling your room with the lovely scent of a candle is a perfume scented lightbulb. Use your favorite fragrance or aroma filled oil. The pleasant bouquet that flows through the room may surprise you.

Fast and Simple Safety

Candles have been a part of human life for hundreds of years, so it can be difficult to look at your life in Rockville, SC without them. However, you don’t have to turn to a wax creation when setting a romantic mood or seeking to cover an unpleasant odor; there are alternatives that can provide soft lights or fill the room with the same alluring scents as any candle out there. Creating an environment that is safe from candle fire hazard or smoke cleanup can be much more important than recreating the look your forefathers favored as they sat next to a burning candle with an open book. Besides, you have electric lights for that!

What To Do Before Your Adjuster Arrives

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

Four air movers (drying equipment) on kitchen Water damage restoration services to a home in Charleston, SC.

Things To Do Before The Adjuster Arrives

Flooding in your home in Charleston, SC, can be expensive to resolve. Your homeowner’s insurance is designed to help you cover it, but to get the settlement you need, you must take several steps. A home adjuster visits your home to examine the damage and decide how much your claim is worth. Here are a few things to do before the adjuster arrives that may maximize your payout.

Document the Damage

Your adjuster is going to walk through your home and assess the damage. Ideally, you would be able to trust this assessment, but it is helpful to document the damage on your own so that you have something to compare with the adjuster's observations. Your documentation should include the following items:

  • Inventory of damaged items and the approximate cost of replacing them
  • Photographs or videos of the damage
  • List of structural damages
  • Bills from emergency inspections and temporary repairs

Consult the Professionals

One of the first calls you make should be to water restoration experts. In addition to restoring your property, there are several benefits their services provide to help you with your insurance claim. They can conduct temporary repairs to keep the damage from spreading, and the itemized list of the repairs they make tells the home adjuster that you took proactive steps to minimize the problem. The proposed bid you get from the specialists can also speed up the processing of your claim adjustment.

Once you collect your lists and the itemized repair plans from the contractors, make a copy of everything so that you have it for your records. Fill out your claim correctly and completely. Detailed efficiency is the key to your success when filing a claim. The more information you can provide and the more helpful you can be to your home adjuster, the better chance you have of the insurance company honoring the claim you make.

The 4 Stages of Keeping Your Business Running After a Flood

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

Entrance of a building flooded After a storm hits West Ashley, SC, your business may be flooded.

The 4 Stages of Keeping Your Business Running After a Flood

After a storm hits West Ashley, SC, your business may be flooded. Repairs with even the most efficient water damage specialists can take some time, and your business needs to keep running while they are in progress. Having a business continuity plan is essential to keeping your business going and your income flowing. Here are the four stages of constructing a plan that will help you weather storm damage to your building.

1. Analysis

The first thing you must do is identify essential services and what you need to make them happen. Develop and distribute business impact analysis questionnaires to all personnel. Then conduct follow-up interviews to make sure your information is correct and that nothing is missing.

2. Strategies

It is likely that your BIA will reveal discrepancies between what you would need in a flooding situation and what you are currently capable of doing should your business flood tomorrow. A recovery strategy team should be formed to come up with and implement strategies to eliminate those discrepancies.

3. Plan

The third stage is formulating your business continuity plan. Divide the labor among recovery teams. Make decisions regarding relocation. Confirm that you have an information and document recovery system in place so that essential resources are protected. With management approval, write down the details of the plan.

4. Practice

A plan is only as good as its execution, so it's important to test your plan. Train everyone involved, and give it a practice run. Take careful notes to document what works and what doesn't so that you can fix problems before you have to put the plan into action for real.

Once you have gathered information, omitted shortcomings, drafted a business continuity plan and tested the plan, you can rest assured that stormy weather is unlikely to be your company's undoing. By being prepared for potential problems, you protect yourself and your employees.

We Will Restore Your Home In Charleston After A Fire

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

Coach burned, severe fire damage in the interior of a home Fire damage in Charleston

Your Charleston Residence And Fire Damage Restoration

As a homeowner in Charleston, the last thing you want to deal with is a fire. Not only do fires cause vast amounts of damage, but they also bring massive amounts of soot and smoke along with them. Even a small fire contained in one room can produce smoke that travels throughout the rest of your home.

After a fire in your Charleston home, there is fire damage cleanup which must be done immediately. Any soot and smoke that are left behind continue to do damage if they are left to sit because they are acidic. Therefore, get in touch with our SERVPRO staff as soon as the flames are extinguished. We have been trained to restore your home from any size fire properly. “Like it never even happened.”

One of the most common places in homes for a fire to start is in the kitchen. Between the intense heat of the oven or open flames on your stove, there are many factors that can spark a fire. It is very common for cooking tools, napkins, food, or your clothes to catch fire while cooking. The issue can get out of control fast, but thankfully, the best way to avoid a fire here is to be aware and keep anything flammable away from the stove while you are cooking.

Part of our restoration process after a fire includes deodorization. In some instances, SERVPRO techs may need to remove the source of the odor, such as charred structural materials, before deodorizing. Contaminated debris continues to give off smoke odors if it is not removed. It is also essential that we clean any surfaces with odor-causing particles on them. Tiny particles continue to give off odors if they are not adequately cleaned. All rooms are checked – not just the one in which the fire occurred.

We also need to distribute a deodorizer to surfaces in a way that is similar to how the odor-causing substances penetrated the surface. Surfaces may need to be sealed when everything else is done if the loss was severe. Two standard methods of sealing are painting walls or sealing inaccessible duct surfaces.

Another common fire danger in your home is all of the electrical appliances and wiring. These can malfunction, creating massive fires. Most of them cannot be put out with water, either. Instead, they require special extinguishers that are water-free. To prevent these types of fires, make sure you don’t plug too many appliances into the same outlet, and repair any outlets or wiring which are damaged.

Tips for Buying the Best Air Purifier for Your Home

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

Air purifier machine in a house Air purifier in a Fort Sumter, SC home.

It is important that the air inside your home in Fort Sumter, SC, is as clean as possible. This allows you to take every breath with confidence. It also helps you know that everyone in your household is taking in healthy air. An air filtration device is one way to improve the quality of your inside air.
When buying a device, it is important to consider several factors. Of course, you want maximum ease of use; this makes sure you are not always fighting how your machine works. Secondly, you want good airflow to ensure proper circulation through the device, and thirdly you want a high filter efficiency to remove airborne particles that impact air quality.

A Choice of Air Purifiers

There are many purifiers on the market that excel at air filtration. These come from many different manufacturers and carry prices that range from about $350 to just a little over $1,000. The goal is to get the air purifier best suited to your home. Any of the following devices are worthy of consideration:

  • The Oransi Max
  • The OV200 purifier
  • The Blueair 450E
  • The Amway Quixtar Atmosphere
  • The Rabbit Air Minus A2
  • The Trane Clean Effects

As with all other purchases, it makes sense to read the available literature and to consult reviews. Feedback from owners of the device can be especially helpful.

A Way To Remove Mold Spores
These microscopic particles can be as small as four microns or as large as 20 microns. A good HEPA filter will remove these items from the air and reduce mold spread in your home. If you do find patches of mold growth in your home, it is best to contact a professional mold mitigation team. Certified technicians will come right to your home and assess the problem and begin to eradicate mold.
Efficient air filtration is a good way to reduce your chances of having bad indoor air quality. A professional team can take this effort to an even higher level.

Three Ways To Remove Smoke Odor

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

Thermal fogger, smoke odor removal Thermal foggers heat up the area and allow a deodorizer to circulate through the house.

Smoke can linger long after a fire has been extinguished. If the particles remain too long, they can cause smoke damage, such as discoloration and corrosion. Even after the visible residue has been removed, the odor may persist. Fortunately, there are a variety of smoke cleaning products available. Three common methods of odor removal include the following: 

Air Filters

Air filtration devices circulate the air in the home. Then the filters, frequently HEPA or carbon, trap smoke odor particles as they pass through. This keeps the smell from continuing to float through the home. 

Ozone Machines

Ozone machines work by emitting ozone particles into the air. The ozone then chemically combines with the smoke particle in a process known as oxidation. This creates an entirely new particle that does not have a smoky smell. If you choose to use this method of smoke cleaning, it is important to hire professionals who can make sure the task is completed properly and that it is safe for you and your family to return home. 

Thermal Foggers

When a fire burns inside a house, it heats up everything, causing cracks, crevices and other openings to expand. This allows smoke particles to get trapped inside porous surfaces. Other odor-removal techniques cannot reach those areas. Thermal foggers heat up the area and allow a deodorizer to circulate through the house. Because the area has been heated up, the deodorizer can reach all of the smoke particles.
After a fire, it is important to actually remove the smoke particles to keep the smell from returning. Products like air fresheners and scented candles may temporarily cover up the smell, but it will keep coming back until the source of the odor has been eliminated. If you feel overwhelmed by the smoke cleaning process, you may wish to hire a certified restoration company. They can help you get your South & West Charleston, SC area home back to normal.

What To Do After a Fire

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Commercial fire damage to a building in Edisto Beach, SC.

How Do You Deal With The Aftermath Of A Fire

If your commercial building in Edisto Beach, SC, experiences a fire, undergoing the fire restoration process can be an overwhelming and tedious event. However, it is important to start the process immediately to get your building back to normal as quickly as possible. Knowing the first steps to take will help you get a headstart on restoration. After calling in any medical professionals or emergency services and ensuring everyone is safe and accounted for, you can begin to restore your building.

First Aid
After your commercial building has been affected by a fire, check to see if anyone is hurt or needs medical attention before you do anything else. Even small burns or injuries can lead to complications down the road, so it's important to treat them immediately to stop them from worsening. Make sure all occupants of your building are safe and accounted for and alert rescue services if anyone is missing.
If someone has experienced a minor burn, you can help treat the wound using these first aid steps:

  • Remove any outer items, such as jewelry or watches
  • Cool the affected skin and moisturize the area
  • Loosely bandage the injury
  • Use over the counter medicine to address lingering pain

File a Claim
After you've address injuries and called in a fire restoration service, you should begin to file a fire insurance claim. Before you call your insurance company to begin your claim, be sure to understand your policies and read through your coverage thoroughly. During any emergency, you should always document any damages your building has suffered for insurance purposes.

Restore Damages
If your commercial building has had any damages, it's important to keep yourself and your employees away from them. If you attempt to fix damages without professional help and expertise, it can lead to more damages to your commercial building. A professional fire restoration company will have professional equipment to help you with a restoration such as smoke cleaning.
Although the fire restoration process isn't fun, it's straight-forward and can be done quickly if you start right away. Use these tips to get your building back after a fire.

Cold Temps May Lead To a Burst Pipe

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

worker installing insulation on wall attic Consider adding insulation in the basement or attic.

For businesses in Rockville, SC, dealing with a storm is par for the course. While you may have beefed up property to prevent water damaged, stormwater isn’t the only thing that can cause flooding. If the temperature dips just right, it may lead to a burst pipe. When that happens, excessive amounts of standing water typically require the assistance of water damage and restoration professionals.

Signs of a Frozen Pipe

The end result is a sure sign of pipes freezing, but there are also warnings to look out for to catch an issue before it happens.

Water won’t freeze unless it's 32 degrees or below, which means your pipes won’t either. If there is an unexpected dip on the thermometer, inspect the pipes and take precautionary measures.
Any frost indicates you have a potential problem and should not turn on any faucets to avoid a burst pipe.
If the faucet is only letting out a slow drip or no water at all, the pipe leading it to may have succumbed to the cold weather.
Surprisingly, a strange smell is a common sign of a blocked pipe, even in frigid weather.

Prevention Tips
Although the unexpected happens, there are ways to minimize the chances of a water loss due to pipe issues during cold weather.

Ensure any outdoor sprinklers, faucets or spigots are off and drained.
Consider adding insulation in the basement or attic.
Exposed pipes should be relocated. If that is not possible, have the faucet continuously drip to prevent freezing.
Maintain regular thermostat settings for day and night.
At closing time, ensure the temperature is above 55 degrees.
Regularly open cabinets in bathroom or kitchen areas to minimize pressure buildup.

Dealing with water issues is never fun, especially when it is a burst pipe. Keeping tabs on the temperature and taking precautions helps keep that from happening.

3 Differences Between Flood Damage and Other Water Damage

4/20/2021 (Permalink)

wet floor, warped floor, water damage on floor Quick action to storm damage.

3 Differences Between Flood Damage and Other Water Damage

If there is a serious storm in Adams Run, SC, then you can expect that your commercial building will be affected on some level. Water can come from a variety of sources, and not all of these will cause the same level of trouble. Damage from a flood, for example, differs in the following ways.

1. Contamination Levels
There are three categories of water that you could find yourself dealing with when water damage occurs. Each of these has a different level of contamination. Category 1 is clean; category 2, or gray water, is moderately contaminated; and category 3, or black water, is highly contaminated. Because it picks up debris, sewage and other contaminants from the ground, flood waterfalls under the third category.

2. Cleanup and Repairs
Because of the high level of contamination, it contains, category 3 water needs to be treated differently than the rest. Blackwater should be removed by a professional restoration service that has the necessary equipment and training to handle this type of emergency. Everything that has been affected will need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Absorbent materials that cannot be cleaned should be replaced.

3. Insurance Coverage
Another important difference between this and other kinds of water damage is insurance coverage. In many cases, your basic insurance does not cover floods. You will need to purchase an additional policy to ensure your business is prepared for this particular situation. If you are in an area where disasters of this nature occur often, you may be required to have additional coverage.
Although it is important to have any kind of water damage addressed as quickly as possible, there are some additional difficulties that can come with a storm. If your business is located in an area where this is likely, you should take precautions to ensure you are prepared for damage involving category 3 water. To keep your building safe, always have restoration of this kind done by a professional.