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Professional Flood Damage Restoration In Your Charleston

2/20/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in home Call SERVPRO of South & West Charleston at (843) 823-7400 to help.

Professional Flood Damage Restoration in Charleston Saves Impossible Situations

When you come back home and find a foot of muddy floodwaters covering most parts of the house, a feeling of desperation is likely to overcome you since it seems like everything is lost. However, it is possible to salvage some items and clean the property to a sanitary level, especially if you involve a professional flood damage restorer.

Support When None Is Available
An instance of flood damage in Charleston is likely to affect many properties simultaneously, making it hard to get help since friends and neighbors are also dealing with the same fate. What worsens the situation is that most materials deteriorate when exposed to water over extended periods. A restoration crew from SERVPRO can perform various actions that help in the recovery of your valuable, including:

    •    Moving contents from flooded sections to elevated areas within the property
    •    Extract standing water from the house
    •    Set up dehumidifiers to maintain favorable humidity levels
    •    Enter the flooded house safely

Prioritizing Critical Actions
Restoring flooded property takes many steps to achieve the intended goal. Some actions may have more importance than others may because they affect safety, cost, or even the health of your family. Before starting the restoration, our SERVPRO technicians scope the loss site to determine what steps to complete first. For example, we confirm that power is turned off and use circuit testers to ensure there is no risk of electrocution for anyone who ventures into the house. Other steps that like water removal can follow later.

Dealing with Contamination
Floodwaters contaminate properties heavily, necessitating several measures to sanitize the property. Such contamination is much harder to deal with when it affects porous materials. Our SERVPRO technicians spray EPA registered disinfectants directly into the floodwaters before starting restoration to deal with contaminants. We also perform controlled demolition to remove carpets, drywall, insulation, and other porous materials from the property to ensure it is fully sanitized.

Do not lose hope when floods ravage your property. Call SERVPRO of South & West Charleston at (843) 823-7400 to help. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Kitchen Fire Damage In Charleston

2/11/2020 (Permalink)

kitchen fire damage The certified technicians are available 24/7 to make the fire loss to your property, “Like it never even happened.”

Kitchen Fire Damage Needs Extensive Cleanup in Charleston

Although much of the fire damage in kitchens results from a meal flaming up in a pan, microwave ovens are also a source of loss in homes. Common reasons for a microwave to catch on fire include:
    •    Overheated food
    •    Improper containers used for cooking
    •    The use of foil or containers with metal
    •    Attempting to dry cotton clothing

A home in Charleston had fire damage from a microwave that mistakenly had too much time set for cooking at max power, and the homeowner was not paying attention. The packaging of the foodstuff caught on fire, and the homeowner made the mistake of opening the door, which let in oxygen, causing it to flame up. Fortunately, there was a fire extinguisher handy to put it out before it could spread beyond the kitchen.

Removal of Charred Items
SERVPRO technicians immediately began moving out fire loss items such as the microwave, stove below it, and the cabinets surrounding both the microwave and the oven.

Why Containment is Crucial
Soot spreads rapidly and can travel easily on clothing and shoes to currently unaffected areas of the home. As the residue winds up in other areas of the house, it expands the scale of the needed cleanup and restoration service, particularly for odor control. The technicians set up containment around the work area to limit the spread of soot, so it is not an issue later.

Choosing Cleaning Agents
Even in a limited area, the potential for different types of residues exists. SERVPRO technicians test before cleaning smoke damage, so the proper cleaning solutions get used. For example, plastic and rubber tend to leave behind wet, smeary smoke that grips the surface and often needs a solvent-based cleaner to remove. Through careful testing, the techs make sure the cleaner will not do harm before use.

Get the fire damage cleanup started quickly by calling SERVPRO of South & West Charleston at (843) 823-7400. The certified technicians are available 24/7 to make the fire loss to your property, “Like it never even happened.”

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Charleston Home Covered in Soot and Smoke? Find Out Why SERVPRO Is a Cleanup and Restoration Company of Choice!

1/28/2020 (Permalink)

gray smoke and fire coming under bedroom door When smoke and soot sneak under your bedroom door in Charleston, Call SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

Resources To Deal With Heavy Residues and Charring From Fire Damage Incidents in Charleston

Sometimes fire damage incidents in Charleston result in massive residue deposits on the surface, especially when the fires burn slowly, thus producing more smoke. Even though the smoke deposits may be less for hotter fires, there is still a disadvantage because the heat leaves more surfaces charred. SERVPRO can help save more items because we have better resources to clean affected areas.

The affected material determines the choice resource to deal with fire damage in your Charleston property. Whenever possible, we first suction up deposits using a portable vacuum with various wand extensions. For shiny surfaces or materials with a glossy finish, abrasive powders can help clean off residues, saving the underlying material. Our SERVPRO technicians apply the powder and rub along the grain when cleaning stainless steel surfaces. For high gloss surfaces, we apply the powders and use damp sponges to rub the residues off. Using sponges ensures that we do not scratch the finish in the process of removing residues.

Blast cleaning is another great solution when cleaning heavy residues or charring from materials. Our SERVPRO technicians use rotary or compressed air blasting equipment that utilize different media, including dry ice pellets, baking soda, and sand, among others to abraid the affected surfaces. We determine the level of agitation needed based on the size of the affected area as well as the type of material. For example, we do not use sand as a blasting medium on finished materials since sandblasting strips off part of the material. However, it is a great choice for unfinished areas such as removing charring on frames or other structural supports. Dry ice pellet blasting can remove layers of soot and carbonized wood without introducing more water and moisture to the affected areas.

We also have Roto machines that can buff, agitate, or polish surfaces using rotating pads or brushes. These machines are particularly useful when cleaning heavy residues from the floor of the affected property. Apart from having the right cleaning resources, our technicians are also highly trained, ensuring we utilize the best approaches to handle the tasks, always following best practices.

Without the right partner, charring and residues may prompt you to throw away your valuables. Call SERVPRO of South & West Charleston at (843) 823-7400 to help by utilizing advanced restoration techniques, "Like it never even happened."

Overflowing Gutters In Your Charleston Home

1/26/2020 (Permalink)

floor covered in water “Like it never even happened.”

How Overflowing Gutters in Your Charleston Home can Lead to Cavity Water Damage Issues

Gutters play a vital role in collecting rainwater in passages beneath the roof and transporting that water into an open sewer point. In the fall, leaves can get into these gutters, causing blockages, thereby preventing water from reaching the sewer point. During the winter months, high winds can result in debris or fallen branches from further clogging up the gutters. With the additional rainfall expectations throughout the winter, these blockages can become a significant concern for the interior of your home.

Overflowing gutters can result in moisture entering your attic space or into wall cavities causing unseen water damage in your Charleston home. With the help of gravity, moisture overflowing into the structure migrates downwards. SERVPRO recommends that homeowners perform regular checks on both the exterior of their home and the interior walls throughout the colder months. Common symptoms of excessive moisture inside wall-cavities may be peeling of wall-paper, musty odors, or disjointing between baseboards and floor.

Restoring wall cavity damage can be tricky. There needs to be practical measurements and understanding of where moisture is before the, often necessary, removal of drywall or baseboard. SERVPRO technicians can call upon thermal imaging cameras that provide readings of surface temperatures on walls, which can indicate where moisture might reside. Alternatively, our technicians may use boroscopes to see inside the cavity and assess the extent of mold or water damages.

It may be necessary for SERVPRO to provide advanced structural drying technicians to your property to restore wall cavities. These technicians are adept at using Injectidry systems that attach hose nozzles into the small holes drilled into the wall. From there, a centrifugal fan can circulate heated air into the cavity to address moisture issues and dry out the pit. In some situations, water damage may be too severe for non-invasive systems, and we must remove sections of the wall to provide drying access to more powerful equipment like air-movers, vent fans, and portable heaters.

If you notice any symptoms of cavity damage in your home, do not hesitate to contact SERVPRO of South & West Charleston at (843) 823-7400.

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Commercial Water Removal In Charleston

1/10/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling For professional assistance when restoring your business's property after a disaster, call SERVPRO of South & West Charleston at (843) 823-7400.

During Commercial Water Removal Projects In Charleston, Various Drying Techniques Get Utilized

If the office of your business in Charleston is located on the lower level of a building with multiple floors, there is a chance that a pipe burst from a unit above yours could send moisture into your software company's office. Once moisture gets in the interior of your structure, commercial water removal should be conducted by a professional restoration contractor such as SERVPRO as soon as possible.

If moisture is left inside a building for too long, secondary issues related to increased humidity levels and mold growth could arise. During commercial water removal operations in Charleston, our SERVPRO technicians utilize several different procedures to prevent any type of secondary damage to your business's office. To begin, our crew uses heavy-duty extractors to remove any moisture while it is still a liquid. Then, we utilize other industrially-advanced pieces of equipment to conduct the applied structural drying or ASD phase.

During ASD procedures, our SERVPRO team works toward creating an environment that helps speed up the natural drying and evaporation processes. To do this correctly, we set up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers. The air movers create air circulation to speed up the evaporation of moisture from your office's wet contents and building materials. The dehumidifiers then pull water out from the air and dispense it in liquid form while supplying warm, dry air to be used by the air movers.

When implementing ASD, we know that the angle that air hits dry building materials like your walls makes a difference. If the air movers get placed so that the air gets pushed into your walls directly, then moisture can get pushed further into your building materials. However, when the air movers get placed so that the air coming from them hits walls at a 45-degree angle, the air pushes away wet air close to damp surfaces so that more water can evaporate from the affected items. We also often remove your baseboard and drill holes behind it so that air can get pushed into your wall cavities. When working with offices that have metal wall studs, we can drill more holes in case standing water has built up inside your wall cavities.

When restoring moisture-related damage, we can implement various drying techniques to get the job done in a timely matter. For professional assistance when restoring your business's property after a disaster, call SERVPRO of South & West Charleston at (843) 823-7400 any day of the week.

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Charleston Properties Benefit from SERVPRO's Swift Water Removal Service after a Storm-Damaging Events

12/22/2019 (Permalink)

High Water Yellow Sign reflecting off flooded road Too Much Water at Your Charleston Property? SERVPRO Provides Storm and Flood Damage Mitigation

Safety Considerations When Responding to Charleston Flood Damage

Regardless of the cause of flooding in your Charleston home, the members of our team who respond first follow an inspection protocol that emphasizes safety first for you and your family and our work crews. Helping you understand potential hazards and the ways we lessen their impact as we prepare to mitigate and remediate the damage done to your property is part of the transparent and open communication we pledge to provide during the entirety of the work project.

Flood Waters Create Health Hazards

Dangers can exist when responding to flood damage in Charleston. Our inspection team looks for concerns during the initial scoping of the scenario.  We devise plans to mitigate these dangerous circumstances before emergency services and remediation work proceeds.

Hazards include:

?    Slip, trip, and fall risks
?    Submerged debris
?    Working in confined spaces
?    Electric shock potential
?    Contact with chemicals and possibly toxic materials including seepage from natural or LP gas or oil lines
?    Exposure to biohazards and carcinogens including infectious waste, molds, and asbestos

Flood Waters Create or Worsen Structural Damage

Flood water is heavy as it collects on floors and surfaces. When it flows through spaces, the force it generates can be significant, eroding and weakening or even breaking down structural components. If the flooding followed storm damage from strong winds or driving rain intrusion to your home, the waters could worsen an already precarious situation. Before SERVPRO places water removal equipment and crews into spaces where the flooding concentrates, we must secure the area. We need to ensure neither machinery nor operators are at risk of harm from unstable flooring or sagging ceilings threatening to dump many gallons of water and deteriorated building materials from overhead.

Contaminated Water or Air Can Mandate Protective and Containment Strategies

Overland flood damage involves Category 3 or substantially contaminated water. Sewage, road and landscaping chemicals, industrial waste, dead animals, and organic waste are some of the most significant contamination contributors. As SERVPRO crews begin removing the fluids, we need to contain the contaminated water and arrange for lawful disposal. Our crews don personal protective equipment (PPE) and partition and seal off the workspaces. We employ negative pressure air scrubbing equipment to capture hazardous airborne particles and the odors they carry with HEPA filters, venting to the outdoors to prevent drift to unaffected spaces in your home.

SERVPRO of South & West Charleston ensures that necessary safety precautions are in place before and during your flood damage restoration project. Call us at (843) 823-7400 to schedule an assessment and begin the development of a custom recovery plan.

Our Experts Can Handle Any Size Fire In Charleston

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

fire caused damage to property Call us at (843) 823-7400 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

The Fire In Charleston Was Small, But The Smell is Huge

With winter upon us in Charleston, it seems like we light fires more than we did during the summer.  We light scented candles, we light fireplaces, and we roast marshmallows as we welcome the warm glow of the flames. However, we also expose ourselves to the danger of something catching on fire, like a curtain or tablecloth, creating an emergency in our home.

Regardless of the reach of the flames, fire and odor damage can permeate your Charleston home quite easily. Without you even noticing, smoke travels through the vents and openings in your home, leaving a foul smell behind that no store-bought scented spray seems to mask. The permanence of those smells is the reason why you should reach out to a service like SERVPRO, where our technicians can apply various disinfecting and deodorizing methods to help you forget all about the fire. All you need to do is call our 24/7 hotline and invite us into your home.

In fire and odor restoration, some steps are apparent. Ventilation is critical, as is the elimination of soot and smoke residue. However, cleaning each surface is an art in itself. Not all cleaning solutions apply to all types of surfaces, and our SERVPRO crew can help you discern those needs. A targeted approach is not only efficient but can also prevent further damage to your furniture and cabinets by avoiding exposure to abrasive cleaners.

Essential to our success is attacking the smell problem with equivalent force. For lighter jobs, it may be enough to use odor counteractant beads to erase the smell. However, stronger odors may require thermal fogging, air scrubbers, charcoal filters, or even dry deodorizers. Our SERVPRO team is ready and equipped to use one or several of these methods to make your home smell homey and welcoming once again.

Always be cautious around open flames, but do not despair if there is an accident. SERVPRO of South & West Charleston is here to help if your home is sporting the foul smell of smoke. Call us at (843) 823-7400 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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Our Professionals Will Remove Trapped Moisture In Your Charleston Home

12/8/2019 (Permalink)

Removing Trapped Moisture in Charleston Hardwood Flooring

Moisture is a challenging obstacle to overcome, even though the water loss incident itself was not catastrophic in your Charleston property. Once the exposure has occurred over even a full day, penetration of moisture can leave surface water infiltrating the composition of wood flooring. The two stages of moisture damage beyond the surface can indicate the ability of our experienced technicians to restore wood flooring versus removing it and replacing it.

Identifying the severity of the hardwood flooring saturation is a determination made with the sophisticated tools of our SERVPRO team when evaluating all water damage to the Charleston residence. Surface moisture detection devices and thermography are among the top options for this assessment of saturation and moisture pockets beneath the surface level. Finding trapped moisture early can provide an opportunity to restore the hardwood flooring rather than requiring removal and reinstallation.

Free Moisture
Free moisture in a flooring material is water molecules that have not yet chemically bonded with the molecular makeup of the wood. Instead, much like surface water, they can get affected by drying and moisture removal techniques like drying mats, air movers, and dehumidifiers. When only free moisture exists, the planks have not yet begun to warp and distort, which makes them impossible to dry and restore to their original condition.

Bound Moisture
This term gets used when water saturating wood flooring has begun to alter the composition of these materials irreversibly. Early signals of this starting would be swelling around the creases between planks. Once our SERVPRO team can determine that bound water exists, it is often necessary to remove these portions of flooring and replace them. As a full-service restoration team, we have a division of experienced contractors that can oversee this controlled demolition and build back as needed.

We know water loss and how to protect the materials in your home from oversaturation when possible. Our SERVPRO of South & West Charleston team has extensive training and state-of-the-art equipment for drying wood flooring and making these loss events “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (843) 823-7400.

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Why SERVPRO Works for Charleston Residents after Water, Storm, Fire or Mold Damages

11/30/2019 (Permalink)

A city lit up at night overlooking a body of water with a bridge.  SERVPRO wants to give you the reasons why we are the best for your Charleston damages.

Charleston residents have no fear, SERVPRO will always be here.

SERVPRO of South & West Charleston is serving this community in all types of property recovery and restoration. Charleston is an area that frequently suffers from devastating storms and Hurricanes. Our roster of technicians carries skillset that covers contracting as well as building maintenance. We provide our workforce with 10 and 30 hour General and/or Construction Industry Training (OSHA.) That means our servicemen and women are capable of restoring your property from the ground up after an adverse weather event or unforeseen flood. Alongside Storm and Water Damage, we run recovery for fire, mold and property reconstruction.


Just this year, millions, if not billions, of dollars worth of storm damage hit Charleston. The fury of Hurricane Dorian led to significant private property harm as well as flash flooding and wind storms. Here at SERVPRO, we run large loss recovery teams with technicians that are expert in restoration of water, flood and storm events which occur in Charleston. Our emergency lines remain open twenty-four hours a day with on-call technicians ready to provide out of hours services. 

As part of storm restoration services, it is vital to inspect and secure the safety of your home. You may find yourselves temporarily relocated if there is moderate structural damage. During this period, SERVPRO technicians can enter your Charleston home to perform essential mitigation tasks that could significantly reduce the expense of your claim. These tasks may include the removal of large quantities of water using gas-powered pumps and truck-mounted extraction units. We can also scope the structure itself to spot fundamental weaknesses. 

Pack-out services run by SERVPRO are not uncommon during flash floods or rainy season. Our technicians take an electronic inventory of your possessions, condition, and location in the home. We then carefully remove these items, reducing the risk of permanent damage from exposure. Using professional movers, our team can store your possessions in a climate-controlled warehouse here in Charleston. One restoration services are complete, and we can pass any paperwork onto your insurer, and return possessions to their original rooms. 


Areas that suffer from adversarial weather conditions need restoration services that focus on water damage in Charleston. Our water restoration technicians (WRT) arrive in trucks with a full stock of pumps, extractors, air movers, and dehumidification equipment. As a restoration service that also caters to Charleston's commercial businesses, we are confident in saying that no disaster is too big or too small for SERVPRO. 

When dealing with property, the recovery speed is an essential part of reducing damage. Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause all kinds of harm to your home, contents, and decoration. SERVPRO knows that one of the most effective means of mitigation is to remove excess moisture, clean, and dry a property as quickly as possible. 

Our first task after the water removal process is complete, is rapid drying. Water can migrate quickly from one area of the home to another. Any structural weaknesses are quickly exploited by substantial volumes of water, which can result in waterlogged wall spaces, flooring, and subfloor. SERVPRO restoration services are adept at structural cavity drying with equipment that does not require removal or permanent damage to the structure itself. Using drying mats or injectidry systems, we can thoroughly dry your home and reduce the likelihood of expensive secondary damage. 


Fires can start from the most innocuous of places. Faulty wiring, malfunctioning electronics, and appliances as well as from human error like leaving on a stove or forgetting to open the flue. Unfortunately, how these property emergencies start does not influence the extent of fire damage in your Charleston home. To make a full recovery, you may need to start the claims process and bring in professional restoration services. 

Often the most severe areas of smoke and soot deposits can be found inside fittings, cabinets, or cavities. The reason is that hot smoke and ash are naturally attracted to cooler surfaces like those found inside of a room. These internal areas can be problematic to restore yourself since they frequently lack protection or finish, which exposes the surface to smoke. In higher pressures, soot can be pushed into the surface itself, becoming odorous and challenging to clean. 

SERVPRO restoration services are available here in Charleston. Our Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FRST) can make accurate assessments of internal cavities by conducting a pre-test. These pre-tests help to inform SERVPRO technicians of the type of equipment needed to make a full recovery. We stock a full range of mechanical cleaning equipment, including sand and soda blasting to remove ingrained soot or smoke. Once complete, your SERVPRO technician can refinish the cabinet interior to a preloss condition. This method can also be beneficial in trapping and reducing malodors.


While most SERVPRO restoration service requirements here in Charleston require immediate attention, mold can often be overlooked. But microbial growth does not disappear by itself. Our restoration services offer precise intervention for Mold Damage in your Charleston home. Using trained assessors and remediators for microbial fungi, SERVPRO can perform tasks that not only remove mold but can also prevent it from coming back. 

Microbial fungi are invisible to the naked eye and a natural part of any indoor environment. However, in the right conditions, these microscopic spores can rapidly reproduce, forming more significant, visible signs of growth known as mold colonies. Like any living organism, mold colonies seek to reproduce themselves, which can result in a small infestation escalating throughout your home in a matter of weeks. By intervening early, you take a crucial step in protecting your Charleston home from widespread infestation. 

A primary challenge in mold remediation of properties is physical barriers. These may include furnishings, fittings, or the walls and flooring of your Charleston home. To rectify the problem, SERVPRO technicians need first and foremost access to the areas of most concern. Accessing these areas may mean performing controlled demolitions or temporary removal of floorboards. We carry out these procedures to not only remove colonies but also to thoroughly dry interior cavities of your home; ensuring mold does not return after the restoration service. 

If your property suffers mold, fire, storm or water-related damages, contact SERVPRO of South & West Charleston at (843) 308-0178. 

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Water Damage in Charleston? Call SERVPRO for Fast and Effective Water Damage Restoration

11/21/2019 (Permalink)

living room, furniture, and electronics under water Water damage happens and its effects are disastrous. SERVPRO is always available to handle your water damage restoration needs.

Five Reasons for SERVPRO When There is Water Damage in Charleston 

Centuries-old cobblestone streets and quaint alleys. Waterfowl habitats. Lush wetlands. Camellias on King Street. She-crab soup. The Lowcountry. These are a few of our city’s legacies along with well-preserved architecture, rich history, hospitable people, and a lifestyle that incorporates our coastal location and harbor inlets. 

High tide and water damage in Charleston has become a constant threat in recent years, instead of the occasional extreme weather events. Though Charleston’s high-tide averages 5.5 feet, our streets can begin flooding when tides reach 7 feet high. Hurricanes often threaten us, but the reality is that it no longer takes severe weather to inundate us with flooding. 

If your home floods, you deserve a partner to see you through the cleanup and restoration. You may have heard of SERVPRO. There are some excellent reasons to call us when you experience water damage: 

  1. Our team of locally owned and operating professionals are your neighbors. We care about Charleston’s history, the land, and the historic preservation in one of America’s oldest cities. 
  1. We start working the minute you call us. Because we live here, we know water emergencies do not always happen during regular business hours. To serve you, our representatives can answer the phone 24/7/365. 
  1. We know you are busy. That is why we handle the initial water damage, cleanup, and complete the restoration of your home, “Like it never even happened.” You won’t have to deal with numerous contractors. You can be confident we are by your side from start to finish. 
  1. Technical excellence is something you can count on with SERVPRO. Our technicians have earned an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification in water restoration and applied structural drying. Restoring versus replacement of your contents is just another benefit we do to save your heirlooms and save you money too. 
  1. We work quickly and efficiently. We address immediate damages and losses at your home, and we make it right for you and your family. 

SERVPRO of South & West Charleston knows historic properties. We are proud to serve the area including, West Ashley, Johns Island, and James Island! Count on us to be Faster To Any Size Disaster. Call us at (843) 308-0178. 

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